UPDATE August 2020 – NO TRIPS WILL BE UNDERTAKEN FOR THE REMAINDER OF 2020 – as social distancing cannot be put in place in the restricted environment of our narrow boat.

March 2020 -ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE TRUSTEES: Due to the current uncertainty around COVID-19/Coronavirus it has been decided to postpone all current bookings and NOT to take any new bookings at this time.  The Trust would ask for your understanding and to assure you that once the situation stabilises, we will be in touch to see if a new trip for you/your group, can be arranged

The Vale of Llangollen Canal Boat Trust is a registered charity and was formed in 1983 to raise money to build a narrowboat to provide day trips for disabled and disadvantaged people of all ages.

The Trust has a new boat Lady Winifred which was launched on the 30th June 2019. This is our day trip boat which runs trips from March to October each year. Lady Winifred and the Trust is run by a team of volunteers.  Our patrons are David Essex, Aled Jones and Brian Kay

 Registered Charity No 513892

How Much Does It Cost?

The Trust relies on donations to run the Charity.    It suggests if it is possible for a donation of £100.00 per day trip for up to 12 people, however if you feel that you donate more ,please do so. 


How Many Passengers Can The Boat Take?

For Half-Day and Day-Trips Lady Winifred can take up to 12 people (including helpers). The ratio of helpers to disabled people must be determined by those making the booking. No more than three people in wheelchairs on day trips.



What Special Facilities Does The Boat Have?

The boat has a hydraulic lift to assist people in wheelchairs aboard. The toilet and washing facilities are designed for disabled people. Windows are large and set low to provide a good, clear view of the canal. 


Who Can Book the boat?

Bookings can be made for disabled people of any age. The boat can be booked by groups (schools, clubs, homes, etc.), by families who have a disabled member, or by individuals. Wherever possible bookings will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Just some of our Volunteer Skippers